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September 15 2015


UPDATE: Unattended cooking causes three separate Roanoke fires - WDBJ7

If the small grease fire starts inside a pan, wear an oven mitt and also smother the particular flames by carefully sliding the lid more than the actual pan. never toss the pan within the sink and also by no means pour h2o on the grease fire.

Keep cooking areas clean and also distinct involving combustibles (i.e., potholders, towels, rags, drapes and meals packaging).

That's in accordance with Roanoke Fire EMS.

The third fire broke out yesterday inside a condo in the 400 block of Patton Avenue.

The 2nd fire happened in the 600 block regarding 36th Street about Sunday, as well as forced 5 people from their particular home.

Maintain youngsters and pets far from cooking areas simply by creating a three-foot kid-free zone around the stove.

In case there is an oven fire, turn off the actual heat and also keep the entranceway closed to end up being able to avoid flames via burning you and your own clothing.

The American Red Cross is helping these families.

Dont discharge a fire extinguisher on to a pan fire, since it could bottle of spray as well as shoot burning grease across the kitchen, actually spreading the particular fire.

No one had been hurt.. Here are a new few safety suggestions to remember:

When cooking food on the stovetop, never let it sit unattended! Also, keep the close eye about food cooking inside in the oven.

Here is good info through Roanoke Fire-Ems with regards to cooking fires:

wear short, close-fitting or even tightly rolled sleeves when cooking. -

Unattended cooking will be to blame for 3 fires in Roanoke more than the particular weekend.

By Absolutely No Means make use associated with a wet oven mitt, since it presents a new scald danger if the moisture within the mitt can be heated.

Please additionally make sure to get working smoke alarms upon each and also every level of your property and use your current fire exit drill homepage together using your entire family!

The 1st 1 happened Saturday in the 1400 block associated with Moorman Avenue.

Bear inside mind meals cooked in a microwave may be dangerously hot. call your fire department and ensure to become able to hold the oven serviced before you put it to use again.

Four individuals managed to always be able to get out safely.

Here is the information release via Roanoke Fire-EMS:


always keep the potholder, oven mitt as well as lid handy. Remove the particular lids or other coverings from microwaved meals carefully for you to stop steam burns.

Cooking is actually to blame for any fire in which were only accessible in Roanoke about Sunday evening.

Cooking fires are the number one trigger involving residential fires inside the United States. ROANOKE, Va. loose apparel can easily dangle on stove burners and also catch fire.

Flip pot handles inward so that will they cant be bumped and youngsters cant get them.

When you have the microwave fire, keep the door closed and also unplug the microwave

April 03 2015


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